Bill Cosby Reveals The Reason Why His Show Was Named ‘The Cosby Show’ And Not ‘The Huxtables’

Bill Cosby did a special Father’s Day Reddit AMA yesterday — and as with Norm MacDonald’s AMA, he had a little bit of assistance from Victoria from Reddit. As one commenter hilariously pointed out, “today is the day [she has] been training for.” That’s an understatement. One Redditor asked The Cos why he called his show The Cosby Show when his character’s name was actually “Huxtable.” I don’t know if he’s ever publicly discussed this topic before, but the answer did not surprise me, given how conservative and traditional Bill Cosby is when it comes to entertainment.

Would you ever consider doing a reunion episode of The Cosby Show? And also this always bothered me, why was it called The Cosby Show since your last name was Huxtable?

No, thank you. Those people are too old now.

Brand, brand, brand! This started with my first TV show, the Cosby show. Then I had a variety show, called Cos. Then another show called the Cosby Show, and another show, and I’ve always argued that you see, there’s this name Cosby that they know will attract an audience as opposed to the so-and-so’s that will have to start all over.

See, this is exactly why I have my concerns about a new NBC Bill Cosby vehicle in 2014. While back in the ’80s that logic may have flown, television viewers of today are a bit more discerning and a recognizable name doesn’t cut it anymore — if the Michael J. Fox Show has taught us anything. Plus we all know how he feels about cursing. It was all worth it, though, just for this screengrab:

Oh, and here’s what it looks like when Bill Cosby announces a Reddit AMA. No handwritten signs for this guy!

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