Bill Nye Joined In On The Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Speculation And Sounded Quite Rational

03.19.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

I spent six or so hours today watching CNN’s coverage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Which means, I watched ten minutes of the same stuff on loop for six hours. I don’t recommend doing this, but as usual, I tuned out before Bill Nye graced CNN with his glorious bow-tie and rationality. Via Mediaite:

At this point, it just seems that CNN is literally throwing on anyone they can think of to join in the rampant speculation over the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, and Wednesday night, Erin Burnett brought on Bill Nye “the Science Guy” who, fun fact, used to be an engineer for Boeing. Nye leant his expertise to what could have happened to the plane, but again, as with everyone else CNN has put on air in the last week, he had no direct knowledge of the plane itself and could only speculate as to what happened.

Bill Nye himself questioned why he was even being asked about this, but was a good sport.

“I appreciate you all asking me about this, but there’s just so many theories out there.” He questioned the motive of possible hijackers on board the plane and what they would do with hundreds of hostages, and speculated that since the plane’s not been found for over a week, it is most likely somewhere in the vast ocean.

Nye conceded, “I’m just one more person with one more idea about this.”

Yeah, I’m sure at this point we’re all concluding that the plane crashed in the ocean.  is clearly just trying to stretch this out as long as they can before anything is found or if it is found. At one point today, CNN noticed that one of the pilots liked watching Atheist videos online. That’s when I turned the TV off because the anchor’s tone was implying/speculating that his possible Atheism might have motivated him to plan a terrorist attack, something that made no sense whatsoever.

Check out Bill on CNN in the video below.

Via Mediaite, YouTube

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