‘Billy On The Street’ Plays ‘Would Drew Barrymore Like That?’ With None Other Than Drew Barrymore

05.20.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

Funny Or Die

Billy Eichner brought Drew Barrymore on Billy on the Street to play “Would Drew Barrymore Like That?” — a game he previously played with Will Ferrell. So basically, Billy Eichner lists things that Drew Barrymore would or would not like, but it’s based on his subjective opinion of what Drew Barrymore would or would not like, instead of what she actually likes. Confused yet?

The biggest revelations that came out were that Drew Barrymore isn’t actually crazy about Broadway (right there with her) and apparently does not know what Good Morning America is. Come on, Drew Barrymore. You’ve probably been ON Good Morning America at some point. Don’t give us that bullcrap, everyone knows what Good Morning America is. Other than that, overall she was a pretty good sport for having someone yell in her face about what she likes, which I have a feeling not everyone would be. Definitely not Lucy Liu.

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