10-Year-Old Boy Steals Parents’ Car And Baby Sister, Crashes, Claims He’s A Dwarf Who Forgot His License

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02.13.14 8 Comments


A ten-year-old Norwegian boy wanted to visit his grandparents 68 miles away, but his parents were asleep. So he did what any enterprising young man would do: put his 18-month-old sister in the family car and started driving.

He impressively made it five miles on the snowy roads of Dokka before veering into a ditch, where a snowplow driver found the car and called police. That’s when the young man threw one hell of a Hail Mary in a desperate effort to get himself out of the mess:

“The boy told the snowplow driver that he was a dwarf and that he had forgotten his driver’s license at home.”

Police said the children were not injured and the car was not damaged. No charges were filed.

So just to recap: Kid commits multiple crimes, comes up with bullsh*t excuse, gets off without any repercussions. I smell a future in politics!

Daily Mail; Stock Photo via Getty

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