Brad Paisley Took A Selfie With Westboro Protesters Picketing His Concert

Brad Paisley played a concert in Bonner Springs, Kansas on Sunday and the Westboro Baptist Church came out to protest, because why not? I would have assumed that innocuous country tunes would be one of the few things that the Westboro douches wouldn’t condemn to hell, but they even hate country music. Or at the very least, they like it less than “getting attention.”

At any rate, super great guy that he is, Paisley decided to oblige them — while mocking them, of course. I’ve never really thought about Brad Paisley in much capacity, but he definitely gets points in my book for this:

Dammit. Now I’m hungry for burritos. One of his crew also captured his specimen on video, along with the caption “Crazies for Paisley!”

Look at the two women behind him! They can barely contain their excitement! “A rill lerfe cantry music sturr! Takin’ a picktur with me!” At least this time they’re leaving the gays out of it — so soak it up, cockroaches.

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