This Breastfeeding Dads Project Is Somehow Not An April Fools Joke

News & Culture Writer
04.01.14 4 Comments

When I saw this story going around on Facebook this morning, several thoughts went through my head. First and foremost, obviously, I thought it was an April Fools joke. And then for a brief moment I was like, wait — men definitely can’t lactate, right? Has science come up with a way? Male nipples are just for decoration, everybody knows that. And then finally I realized that this was the sort of viral campaign that’s practically made for Facebook which are both the reasons why Upworthy is a thing and the teenagers are fleeing.

At any rate, Project Breastfeeding was started by Hector Cruz, who, when his wife gave birth to their baby daughter, experienced discrimination when it came to public breastfeeding, so he started the project as a campaign to educate men and remove the stigma. I’m not so much weirded out by women breastfeeding in public — I mean, a kid’s got to eat, right? — so much as I am by imagery that evokes babies sucking on men’s nipples. I understand what he’s trying to do here and it’s commendable and everything, but at the same time kill it with fire.

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