Burger King Ventures Into The Fast Food Breakfast Wars With Their New $1 Value Menu

04.07.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

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Burger King is aiming to steal some of Taco Bell’s breakfast menu thunder by unveiling a revamped early morning menu of their own. Via Inquisitr:

Since Taco Bell decided to start slinging Waffle Tacos and Crunchwraps to folks looking for something to eat in the mornings, many believe that the restaurant could knock McDonald’s from its throne. However, Burger King is attempting to lure folks away from these establishments by offering up food on the cheap.

News of Burger King’s new Breakfast Value Menu arrived courtesy of a recent tweet from Hedgeye Risk Management restaurant analyst Howard Penney. The post in question featured an ad that pimped new items on the company’s King Deals menu. In short: Burger King is hoping to win the war by giving people a simple breakfast for very little cash.

And what sorts of delicious breakfast foods does Burger King think will win us over?

bk value breakfast

Three things? Hmpf, that’s not winning me over, Burger King. Although, those french toast sticks look amazing, and no one can turn down a sausage and cheese muffin sandwich without feeling guilty. I’ll give it a try, but even a blind person can see that your breakfast burrito consists mainly leftovers.

(Via Inquisitr)

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