Cabeção The Psychic Turtle Has Boldly Picked Brazil To Win The World Cup Opener

Senior Writer
06.11.14 2 Comments

Bad news, Croatian soccer fans. If you were hoping that tomorrow’s 2014 FIFA World Cup opener against the home team would be a good chance for Eduardo to lead his squad to an upset, especially in front of his Brazilian countrymen, there are psychic forces at work that would like to tell you otherwise. Just like Paul the Octopus before him, Cabeção the loggerhead turtle is the psychic animal of choice for the Praia do Forte Sea-Turtle Sanctuary in Brazil, and the homer (known as Big Head to English speakers) went with the easy and boring pick by selecting Brazil to defeat Croatia.

How exactly does a so-called psychic turtle make his pick? By eating a small fish hooked to a country’s flag. Just once I’d love to see an animal come out of the water or a hole in the ground, put its flipper or paw to its head and actually say, “If you’re gambling on sports based on the food an animal chooses, you are a moron.” Now THAT would be an animal worth celebrating.

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