Alabama Teen Sparks Sh*tstorm By Snapping Smiling Selfie With Cadaver, Uploading To Instagram

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02.06.14 18 Comments


Thinking about donating your body to science? Just be aware that you might also be donating your lifeless likeness to an idiotic teenager’s Instagram account.

Clements High School in Alabama is trying to decide how to punish a senior who took a selfie with a cadaver during her anatomy class’ visit to the University of Alabama Birmingham’s biology department.

The sheets were not supposed to be removed from donated bodies and students were not allowed to have recording devices on hand during the tour. But the student circumvented both rules, sneaking her phone into the lab and enlisting someone to lift the sheet covering the corpse while she snapped the distasteful shot.

She then uploaded the image (cropped, censored, and blurred above) to her Instagram account. It didn’t take long before a screengrab of the photo made its way to school officials.

“We are speaking to the University of Alabama Birmingham, they are understandably upset with this incident and we want to preserve our relationship with the university,” a school director told WHNT News 19. ”Therefore we are speaking to them and wanting to know how we can mend this process and keep our relationship with them, and we are in the process of deciding on the discipline that will occur.”

Here’s a full report from WHNT:

WHNT via Daily Mail

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