Celine Dion Issued A Video Message To The Guy Stranded At The Vegas Airport

Senior Writer
06.13.14 2 Comments

Unless you, too, have been stranded in an airport for most of the week, you’ve probably already seen the amusing music video that one guy made after he learned he’d be stuck at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas overnight. Richard Dunn decided to make the best of his time by producing his own wildly viral video set to Céline Dion’s “All By Myself,” which is a refreshing alternative to what most other people do at McCarren, either chain smoking in one of the nicotine lounges or pumping the last of their remaining money into some slot machine with blind, pathetic hope. And now ze greatest singer in ze world has even viewed Dunn’s effort, and she recorded a video message to let him know that she liked it.

However, Dion did ask that the next time Dunn is stranded in Vegas, he come see her show and feel free to use her bathroom. I’m pretty sure that’s an open invitation to all of us, so if you’re out and about on the strip, go find where Dion is staying and load that porcelain up.

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