Check Out The First Tweets From Outkast’s New Twitter Account

01.13.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Everyone’s favorite ATLiens recently made waves in announcing they would be reuniting for 2014’s Coachella Festival in April. Well today they just launched the official Outkast Twitter feed announcing 40 (!!) tour dates as a part of the reunion tour.

There are only four tweets so far, but considering how opinionated these guys are it’s not too long before it fills up.

Let’s take a look…


Damn, has it been 20 years? It seems like just yesterday I was getting a terrible tattoo against my parents’ wishes while Aquemini played in the background.  *Rubs arm* Ah Kurt Cobain on a hoverboard, I don’t regret a thing.


Which leads to:


I know it’s just a hashtag, but it’s the coolest hashtag you’ll see today.

Finally, both Andre 3000 and BigBoi posted a personal message tweet for the fans.


Of course BigBoi brought the stank.

Obviously this is tour news is cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. What do you think? Will they still bring it after this long apart? Who do you think will open for them? Can I still buy a Mushmouth hat?

Outkast’s Twitter Page. Image via Getty

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