Check Out These Never Before Seen Photos Of The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster

01.15.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

Challenger Disaster 5

You probably know about the Challenger disaster in 1986, the space shuttle malfunction that killed seven crew members (and if you hadn’t before, you probably did after Beyoncé used a sample from the audio of that crash on her new album.) Recently Reddit user AmericanMustache was going through his grandparents’ things and found several real time photos of the incident, his grandfather having worked for NASA and been present for every launch for years. In this world of taking selfies after a plane crash it’s easy to forget the history that’s probably locked away in attics and basements.

Check out these photos and the Reddit comment thread itself is worth a read as well, with many users sharing their own stories and memories of the event.

Photos via AmericanMustache on Imgur:

Challenger Disaster 4

Challenger Disaster 5

Challenger Disaster 6

Challenger Disaster 7

Challenger Disaster 8

Challenger Disaster 10

Challenger Disaster 11

Challenger Disaster 12

Challenger Disaster 13

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