Watch Justin Timberlake’s Funny & Charming Reaction To Two Fans Flipping Him The Bird

02.24.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Justin Timberlake has been riding high these past few years, so he’s pretty much loved by all. ALL. For some reason when Timberlake was talking on stage, someone gives him the finger during his November 2013 concert in Philly (SHOCKER) for no reason other than to get his attention. Chicks, man. Justin manages to improv, make it funny, and then continue to do his thing in this video making the rounds on Reddit:

“That’s also the weirdest moment I ever had with a crowd.” – Justin Timberlake remarked as he stole my heart.

Timberlake went easy on Philly, he could have easily went Bill Burr on them. Man, I want to put that on repeat as I cook a steak.

(Via YouTube/ Reddit)

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