A Chef In Detroit Has Made A 10-Course Meal Based On Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’

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02.17.14 3 Comments

radiohead kid a

If you live in Detroit and you’re a fan of food and lonely minimalism (so, everyone), you might want to head to chef Kyle Hanley’s pop-up restaurant on Wednesday night for “A Night With Kid A,” a 10-course meal based around Radiohead’s landmark 2000 album. Unfortunately, the names of the courses aren’t pun heavy (“I’d like one How to Disappear Carpletely please!”), but they still sound delicious.

01 Everything in Its Right Place: Pan-seared diver scallop, yuzu fluid gel, fried cellophane noodle, lemongrass ponzu, chili oil. With Pfalz Riesling.

02 Kid A: Black caprese. With Alto Adige Kerner.

03 The National Anthem: Pan-seared lamb chops, crispy pig ear, blood orange reduction. With 100 percent Mourvedre.

04 How to Disappear Completely: Oil-poached monkfish, white asparagus, white balsamic vinaigrette, daikon sprouts. With Leelanau Good Harbour Golden Ale.

05 Treefingers: Tomato granita. With cilantro-infused gin, jalapeño syrup, fresh lime, sea salt, chili oil.

06 Optimistic: Maple sugar-seared duck breast, pink peppercorn gastrique, orange juniper pearls, shredded confit. With Anderson Valley Knez Pinot Noir.

07 In Limbo: Shades of Bouillabaisse. With Cava VallDolina.

08 Idioteque: Arugula salad, sous-vide egg, lardo croutons, manchego crisps, crispy pancetta, smoked sherry vinaigrette, meyer lemon foam, caper dust. With Mezcal Chartruese sour, dash of Ango.

09 Morning Bell: Meyer lemon sorbet. With gin and tonic.

10 Motion Picture Soundtrack: Mousse dou with blackberry pâte de fruit Niepoort LBV port.

Should Hanley move onto Amnesiac, he probably won’t have a hard time coming up with something for “Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box.”

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