Korean Food Truck Celebrated For Its Chicken Banned In San Antonio Over Its Spicy Name: ‘CockAsian’

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03.06.14 7 Comments

CockAsian, a food truck famous for its spicy chicken, has been banned from an industrial complex and aerospace facility in San Antonio over its racy name.

The Asian-fusion truck’s owner, Candie Yoder, says the truck’s title derives from its popular Korean Fried Chicken dish, but authorities disagreed after using technologically advanced internet techniques to do some stealthy cyber-sleuthing:

Port San Antonio officials objected to the name after an online search, said Keith Hill, president of the San Antonio Food Truck Association, which coordinates food truck scheduling with large employers such as the port.

“We ask SAFTA to find an optional truck because perhaps the patrons would find the name objectionable,” said Paco Felici, a spokesman for Port San Antonio. He added that pornographic images showed up in an image search for the term.

A Google search Wednesday showed the food truck’s website as well as UrbanDictionary.com, which is known for having over-the-top and vulgar definitions for words and phrases, as the top hits on the term … Needless to say, the UrbanDictionary.com definition is not Korean fried chicken.

“Unfortunately our name was deemed to risque for Port SA so we will not be there on Thursday,” Yoder responded on the truck’s Facebook page. “It makes me sad that the spoken and written word are the most censored forms of art. CockAsian to us is word that has boundless meanings none of which are sexual or a racial slur.”

My San Antonio; Image via CockAsian on Facebook

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