A Collection Of Everything Bob Costas’ Infected Eyes Reminds The Internet Of

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02.11.14 6 Comments

pinkeye costas

You’ve done it now, Sochi: you’ve taken down Costas. Earlier this morning, NBC announced that Patient Zero, a.k.a. Bob Costas, will be replaced by Matt Lauer for Tuesday’s coverage of the Olympic Games. Costas told the weasel-like Today Show host, “Reluctantly, I was trying to throw a complete game here, but I think we’re going to have to go to the bullpen, and I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but you’re Mariano Rivera, at least tonight.” The only thing more gross than Costas’ eye right now is that metaphor.

Less gross: these images of what the Internet thinks of when it looks into the Eye of Sauron, er, Costas.

1. Gay Pirate, Mad-Eye Moody Pirate, etc.

costas eye patch

2. Kano from Mortal Kombat

costas kano

3. Smilex Victim from Batman

bob costas batman

4. Terror Dog

Picture 1

5. Bob Costas’ Pink Eye is BULLSH*T

costas bullshit

6. The Terminator

costas terminator


costas it

8. Bloodhounds

costas hound

9. Voldemort.


10. “A picture of Bob Costas tomorrow”

costas xmen

11. Bob Cylon

bob cylon.jpg_large

12. Eye of Sauron

costas eye sauron

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