For Your Consideration: The Top 100 Most Popular Puppy Names Of 2013

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03.21.14 6 Comments
Puppy feeling left out as two others cuddle

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While the names we’re giving our kids seem to be getting increasingly dumber, cute puppy names are decidedly on the rise. Mostly, I’m assuming, because you can’t name your kid something like “Minnie” or “Blue” without looking like a total sh*thead. Online pet health resource used their database of approximately 925,000 puppies born since January 1, 2013 to determine what the most popular puppy names of 2013 were:

I’d say that out of all of the dogs I know, including mine, at least 75% of their names fall on this list — not to mention two of my cats. Not that they’re bad names, mind you, but I guess next time I adopt I’ll be looking for something more original. Ron Barkson or Mr. Meow both have a nice ring to them — plus then, bonus, I can sing to my cat “He’s Mr. Meow, that’s his name, that name again is Mr Meow,” all the time. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I do that anyway.)

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