This Video Of A Cement Truck Barreling Into A Helpless Minivan Might Be The Scariest Dashcam Footage Ever

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04.09.14 2 Comments

Get an extra pair of undies handy before watching the video above, as the somehow-not-from-Russia footage is one of the most pants-sh*ttingly frightening dashcam clips we’ve ever seen.

Dr. Guan Zhu, a professor at Texas A&M, had the dashboard camera running in his minivan as he approached an intersection he would never get to — because an out-of-control cement truck was making a beeline for his hood ornament. Here’s the money GIF, courtesy of Jalopnik:


Miraculously, both Zhu and the truck driver walked away without major injuries. Zhu’s airbag did cut his leg a little bit, but all things considered I’m guessing he’ll take that outcome. Here’s what his van looked like after the collision:

CBS News via Jalopnik

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