Watch This Insane Video Of A Delaware Man High On PCP Climb On Top Of An SUV And Strip Naked

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03.22.14 6 Comments


WTF Delaware? First with the dumpster sex couple, and now the second crazy story coming out of the first state this week is some dude who jumped on top of an occupied SUV and stripped naked for police. A woman driving a black SUV carrying her 6-year-old daughter was stopped at a red light in downtown Wilmington earlier this week when Darren Staats, high on PCP, climbed onto the roof of her vehicle and started jumping on it. As if that isn’t insane and terrifying enough — when police quickly arrived on the scene, things took a turn for the “holy sh*t.”

A video obtained by shows the man beating the vehicle’s roof and screaming. The driver tries to speed away but is unable because her car is blocked. At one point, the woman gets out of the car and tries hitting the man with what appears to be an ice scraper. However, he continues to stand his ground.

When police arrived, they ordered Staats to come down from the roof, but he refused, Ivey said. The man eventually began stripping off his clothes — standing nude on top of the car. In the video, the man can be seen taunting police with hand gestures and his tongue from the roof.

All I can say is thank god some good Samaritan captured footage of this, because it really needs to be seen to be believed. All this time we’ve been picking on Florida, but you could fit Delaware into Florida like a hundred times and Delaware totally out Florida’d Florida this week. This is some Usual Suspects sh*t right here: The greatest trick Delaware ever pulled was convincing the world it didn’t exist. Terrifying, no?

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