A Husband Locked His Wife In A Shed After She Sang 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead' When His Mother Died

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wicked witch


Mother-in-laws, am I right? One minute, they’re complaining about your cooking. They next, you’re singing “Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead” after they pass away and also, you’re locked in a shed. That old chestnut.

The incident began when Mrs. Salmon returned home to find her belongings packed in bags and the house locked with the curtains drawn, Prosecutor Gail Hawkley said.

She said he told her: “It is my house now. You are not getting in.” He then locked her in the garden shed. After Mrs Salmon escaped from the shed through a window and entered the house, Salmon punched her, attempted to drag her out by her legs and pinned her down on a bed. (Via)

Um…that’s not so much “haha” funny as it is throw Mr. Salmon in Oz for a very long time.

Questioned later, Salmon explained his actions by saying that his wife never liked his mother and was very unsympathetic when she died.

He told magistrates she kept saying “ding dong, the witch is dead.” (Via)

She’s even got a song ready for when her husband’s father mysteriously vanishes.

Via the Independent

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