Donald Rumsfeld: 'A Trained Ape' Could've Handled Afghanistan’s President Better Than Obama

03.25.14 5 years ago 32 Comments

There’s obvious things that a person shouldn’t say in public, on television, or anywhere, but former Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld doesn’t care. He said that President Obama couldn’t get something done that a “trained ape” could. Yeaaaah, don’t say that. I can already hear the public apology podium being wheeled into the room. Via The New Yorker:

Donald Rumsfeld, whose mastery of foreign policy was amply displayed in Iraq, thinks that “a trained ape” could have done a better job handling Afghanistan’s President, Hamid Karzai, than President Obama and his team have. The problem, Rumsfeld told Greta Van Susteren, of Fox, on Monday night, is that Obama has not been deferential enough to Karzai: “The President has been unpleasant to him.” His entire Administration has dealt with Karzai “repeatedly and publicly in an abusive, unpleasant manner.” Is that perhaps what Rumsfeld considers untrained?

It was a blatantly stupid thing to say, but imagining an ape discussing foreign policy with Karzai makes me laugh. So, what exactly can’t Obama get done in terms of his foreign policy relations with Karzai?

Van Susteren asked Rumsfeld why it was so hard to get Karzai to sign a status-of-forces agreement—a memorandum that would clarify the legal position of American troops in Afghanistan. Karzai has withheld his agreement for months, despite warnings that it won’t be possible to keep even a residual American force in Afghanistan without one, and despite the approval of Afghanistan’s loya jirga. (He may want to insure he has a card to play after the upcoming Presidential elections.) Rumsfeld scoffed at the idea that Karzai had been difficult—this is where he talked about how “a trained ape can get a status-of-forces agreement. It does not take a genius.”

It may not take a genius to get something like this done, but it takes a colossal moron to think a trained ape could. If Rumsfeld is knowledgeable about anything, it’s putting soldiers in other countries. But after a very long time of those soldiers being in the other country, that country tends to not want you in that country anymore. I don’t even like waking up in the morning and seeing my friend still sleeping on my couch. Come on, Jason. At least keep your pants on. Is that my pillow between your legs? Get the hell out!

Via The New Yorker

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