Donald Trump’s Bloated Ego Hit New Levels Of Unintentional Hilarity Last Night

06.10.14 4 years ago 5 Comments
Donald Trump Addresses The Scottish Parliament Over a Proposed Wind Farm Site

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The world is a better place without Donald Trump updates in it, but this is too good not to share. Last night, SB Nation writer/the Classical co-founder David Roth tweeted, “Donald Trump dictates his memoirs while eating steak on a toilet. ‘Too many people these days don’t care about winning. I call them losers.'” Then, “‘I was never one who looked at success as bad. For me, success was always good. I loved it, and still do.’ – Donald Trump, WINNING, pg. 27.”

That’s a funny joke in and of itself, but it became next-level when an hour later, Trump tweeted:

trump tweet


Yup, that’s Trump taking credit for something he never said, because apparently he’s the kind of billionaire who searches his name on Twitter? Or in Roth’s words:

roth tweet


If Donald Trump doesn’t have a collection of framed sh*ts he’s taken, I’d be shocked.

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