Firefighters Calm Four-Year-Old Girl By Singing ‘Let It Go’ During Rescue

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03.27.14 2 Comments

A young family trapped inside a jammed elevator in Reading, Massachusetts for more than 30 minutes was relieved when firefighters came to their rescue. But when the firemen determined the only way out was to drop a ladder into the tiny 4×4 space and scale a large wall, four-year-old Kaelyn Kerr started to “freak out a little bit.”

That’s when firefighter John Keough went into Dad Mode and started talking to Kaelyn about Frozen. His partner, Scott Myette, was on the same wavelength, already pulling “Let It Go” up on his iPhone. Soon the trio were singing the Oscar-winning song together — the two men are fathers, so the words were no doubt maddeningly entrenched in their heads — as they climbed.

“It worked,” Keough told MyFoxBoston. “We got her to a point where she was comfortable with us and up the ladder we went, right up and over, no problem.”

Here’s a full video report from MyFoxBoston. DISCLAIMER: SINGING DADS AHEAD.

MyFoxBoston via HyperVocal

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