A Horrifying Crying Kurt Cobain Statue Was Unveiled On ‘Kurt Cobain Day’

02.21.14 4 years ago 7 Comments
cobain statue


Oh no, no no no. Crying Kurt Cobain is like the Weeping Angels on Doctor Who, but more horrifying. The statue was unveiled yesterday in Aberdeen, Washington, the Nirvana’s frontman hometown, on the very First Kurt Cobain Day (he would have turned 47). It sounded really depressing, and not just because it was an event heralding a guy who hated Aberdeen, Washington.

In honor of the day, the City and the Aberdeen Museum of History will unveil a statue of Cobain titled, “Cement Resurrection” tonight at the Museum along with a 30 minute concert by the band Gebular who had previously performed at the Kurt Cobain Memorial Foundation’s “Lounge Acts” show in 2008.

The statue will open to the public at 5:30 pm. Artist Randi Hubbard will be on hand, as well as an original drummer of Nirvana, Aaron Burckhard, and Cobain’s first guitar teacher, Warren Mason. (Via)

Wow, I can’t believe they got THE Gebular. Suck it, Grohl.


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