The First Video For The Religion Based On Kanye West, Yeezianity, Is A Twisted Fantasy

“But, like, all religion is a twisted fantasy, ya heard?” — Deep Thoughts with Kanye

As Kanye West attempts to convince the world that he is the greatest that has ever been or ever will be at both rapping and making ugly-ass bags, a religion based on his teachings, Yeezianity, is looking to make believers out of doubters everywhere. Yeezianity, for those who can only stomach one hokey religion at a time, teaches that Kanye was “sent by God to usher in a New Age of humanity.” Here’s an illustration!

Naturally, like all things in life, the so-called “THE BEST CHURCH OF ALL TIME!!!!!” was founded by an unemployed 23-year-old white dude who lives with his parents in posh Westchester County, New York. That just means he has more time to spread the word about the Church of Yeezus. (The word is: “Hobbit.”)

Via Noisey

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