Florida Couple: We Couldn’t Have Done Meth In Front Of Our Son As We Were Too Busy Boning In Front Of Him

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02.12.14 12 Comments

A woman in West Palm Beach is accusing her son and his wife of doing drugs right next to her grandchild, who was sitting unsupervised in a bathtub. But the couple says they couldn’t have done drugs in front of their child because they were too busy doing each other in front of their child.

Oh boy:

Robert Anthony Scott, 26, and Angela Noble, 25 face charges of child abuse and child neglect for leaving their child unsupervised while in a bathtub, according to an arrest report.

Scott’s mother told officers she heard a lighter lit from behind a closed bathroom door and decided to investigate. When she opened the door, her son was sitting on the toilet seat while his wife stood over him. She told officers the child was alone in a tub filled with water. The age of the child was not listed in the report.

Scott’s mother noticed a balled up towel in his lap and when she grabbed it from him, a “pen tube” used for drugs fell to the floor.

Officers arrested the couple after receiving a call from Scott’s mother, whom they live with. When questioned, the couple changed their story several times before saying the child was supervised, they “were just having sex in the bathroom while their child was in the tub.”

They also refused to take drug tests. So don’t worry, everything is great here.

The Palm Beach Post

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