For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers, Look No Further Than Lena Headey’s Instagram Account

(NOTE: Vague spoiler below that will probably only make sense to book readers. You have been warned.)

As we’ve previously mentioned, Lena Headey’s Instagram account is great for Game of Thrones out of character selfies and God Of T’s & Wine art, but did you know she’s also been quietly sneaking in Game of Thrones spoilers, as well? It’s true. Take this photo for example, that she posted a full two months ago.

Most actors have pretty strict confidentiality clauses when it comes to revealing any spoilers in television series/movies, so Headey is straight up trollin’ us.

(SIDE DISCUSSION: Are Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal boning? There are way too many schmoopy photos of them not to be. I know I’d hit it if I were her.)

Getting back on topic. Lena posted the MOTHER OF ALL SPOILERS a month ago, with the caption “My stone heart,” foreshadowing a possible new/returning character who will go unnamed. Although I’m not a book reader, when writing about pop culture, one must assume for a threshold of spoilering — and also sometimes I just read stuff on Wiki because I want to know what happens. (I am the worst.)

Two episodes left. It’s happening!

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