Gene Simmons Was A Massive Tool To Eric Stonestreet’s Mom

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05.29.14 39 Comments
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Gene Simmons is no one’s idea of a good guy. He’s a shameless huckster, everything shameless about the music industry personified in a bitter gargoyle with a Napoleon complex (Destroyer is still a great album, though!). But even the most strident Simmons haters can’t believe he’s now bullying MOMS, in this case, Eric Stonestreet’s. Here’s what the Modern Family star wrote on Instagram:

The most unlikely of feuds extended to Twitter:

gene eric tweet


“I HAVE A MOTHER.” That is the most Gene Simmons response possible — also be sure to note that nowhere does he apologize. He instead deflects the blame, calling Eric’s mom a liar.

gene eric old people


So wait, was she making it up and they’ve kissed and made up, or is he being sarcastic? I’m so confused. Screw this, I’m going to listen to “Love Gun.”

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