Get Ready To Feel Feelings With These Photos Of Children Reading To Shelter Cats

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02.12.14 4 Comments

If you’re an animal lover, you might need to mentally prepare yourself for this: A Berks County, Pennsylvania animal shelter, The Animal Rescue League, has recently gone viral due to its “Book Buddies” program, in which kids read books to the shelter cats. The program is mutually beneficial, as it gives the kids confidence to improve their reading skills and helps soothe the shelter kitties.

Dying. I’m dying. Now I’m dead. This story seriously just killed me. I hope you’re all happy now. From the Animal Rescue League’s website:

The Book Buddies Program was implemented by ARL Program Coordinator, Kristi Rodriguez.  Her son, Sean, who’s a 10 year old 5th grader, served as an inspiration for the program.  He struggled with reading at school and so she brought him in to read to the cats and he loved it so much, he asked to come back.  She knew if her son liked reading to the cats, then other children would as well.  The program officially began in August 2013 and since then  Sean has shown remarkable improvement in his reading and now often reads to their dogs at home.

More photos below:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go snuggle my kitties and momentarily forget that they’re a bunch of tyrannical sociopathic little bastards who pee everywhere and destroy my furniture.

Via Jezebel. Photos courtesy The Animal Rescue League of Berks County.

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