Gmail And Google+ Are Down All Across The World

01.24.14 4 years ago 4 Comments


If you use Gmail or Google+ (C’mon, son!), then you probably noticed some problems accessing your e-mail or updating your Google+ in the past few hours. Welp, so did just about everyone in the World, too, so you’re not special, but it was probably something Obama did. Via Tech Crunch:

The error being seen by most users at the moment is a (500) code problem, which pretty much just indicates that it’s a temporary problem and doesn’t give a clue as to cause. Judging by the response on Twitter, however, the problem is currently affecting a huge number of users. Google+ is also down, although you’d be forgiven for not having noticed that sooner.

That last line really gets me, man. I guess I’m not the only one who hadn’t even noticed or checked that Google+ was down. In a hilarious twist of irony, the Google Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team was conducting an AMA at around the time the Gmail and Google+ reliability basically sh*t the bed.

As an added bonus, note that Google’s Site Reliability Engineering team, which makes sure Google services stay up, was doing an AMA on Reddit exactly when this happened. That’ll show you to take a breather guys.


It’s slowly coming back and working in some place now since the initial problems hit in the past few hours. I still haven’t checked to see if my Google+ is working because HAHAHAHAHA, man, who cares? I use my house phone more than I use Google+. I still can’t get my Walgreens reward point updates in my promotions Gmail section.

Via Tech Crunch

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