Are We Going Crazy Or Is Miley Cyrus Actually Making Sense In This ‘Elle’ Interview?

04.09.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

Miley Cyrus covers May’s issue of Elle making her very best duck face, and when asked by interviewer Tavi Gevinson on her thoughts on feminism and whether she considers herself a feminist — which, like it or not, is becoming a hot topic amongst young pop stars today — Miley actually … Kind of makes some sense?

I’m just about equality, period. It’s not like, I’m a woman, women should be in charge! I just want there to be equality for everybody.

I still don’t think we’re there 100 percent. I mean, guy rappers grab their crotch all f*cking day and have hos around them, but no one talks about it. But if I grab my crotch and I have hot model b*tches around me, I’m degrading women? I’m a woman—I should be able to have girls around me! But I’m part of the evolution of that. I hope.

There’s still a fine line between “empowerment” and Miley’s brand of ‘LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME’ attention whoring, (there’s a reason why there are 86,900,000 google search results for “miley cyrus topless“) but when compared to say, Katy ‘Vacant Head’ Perry, at least she’s got the general concept down.

There may be hope for Miley, yet. And her hair is also looking better, so good job on that.



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