Google’s Mystery Barge Is Told To Leave San Francisco Because San Francisco Is San Francisco

02.04.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

google barge

Skynet, err, Google is getting told to remove their barge from San Francisco because no one knows what it’s about, and all of the legal stuff, too (*lights up J*).  Via Mashable:

The secretive Google-owned barge, moored off Treasure Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, does not have its paperwork in order, according to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. After investigating a number of complaints, the agency discovered that Google lacks the necessary permits to keep it in its current location.

Google seems to have overlooked the necessary paperwork before bringing their huge barge into San Francisco when no one asked for it, but who gives a sh*t, Google OWNS YOUR UNBORN KIDS!

The four-story barge was the subject of much debate when a CNET reporter first uncovered it last year. Early speculation focused on the possibility that the barge might be a wave-powered offshore data center in the making, but Google later confirmed that it was designed to be a floating showroom for cutting-edge products such as Google Glass. A similar barge was discovered in Portland, Maine around the same time.

Work has been halted on the barge ever since it began to attract media attention — but if Google didn’t even have permits to anchor it in the first place, that suggests that the company’s plans were more haphazard than first suspected.

Pulling huge barges into the harbor of a major city without explanation is pretty weird. Google is quickly going from that awesome company to that company that (*knock on door*), hang on a sec, some Austrian dude with a sweet leather jacket is at my door.

Source: Mashable

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