Grumpy Cat Is Doing Cheerios Commercials Now, Because What Can’t She Do?

07.02.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


Grumpy Cat is errrrrywhere these days! Aside from popping up in fake selfies with Peter Dinklage, wearing Pharrell’s hat to the MTV Movie Awards, starring in a Home Alone meets Die Hard Christmas movie — hell, just yesterday I was driving through a really scary part of North Philly near Temple’s campus, and some random dude walking in the middle of the street was wearing a Grumpy Cat “This is My Happy Face” t-shirt. I am not making that up. Grumpy Cat has now officially transcended the internet and has apparently become a staple in low income urban neighborhoods.

So it’s really no surprise to me that Grumpy Cat is now starring in a commercial for Cheerios with Buzz the Bee. What does Grumpy Cat have to do with honey-flavored oat breakfast cereal? Who cares, cute face. Need a spokescat for brake pads? F*ck you: Grumpy Cat. Goo Gone? Almond Milk? Ant poison? Grumpy Cat hates ants, things being sticky and lactose intolerance.

I would say Grumpy Cat for president, but I don’t think Grumpy Cat wouldn’t want to be president. She’d probably feel much more at home as Secretary of State.

(Via Jezebel)

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