Guess What Happened When A Meth Head Tried To Rob A Bunch Of Australian Strippers?

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03.20.14 5 Comments
Beautiful male body

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Las Vegas police arrested a man who tried to rob an Australian male review called “Thunder from Down Under” at the Excalibur Tuesday night. The man, who was approximately 25-30 years of age, stole belongings from the strippers locker room until he was hilariously met with, you know, a bunch of burly Australian male strippers. I mean come on dude, it’s not like you’re stealing from a group of puppies or senior citizens.

Several performers from the show later confronted the suspect when they saw him with their property, police said. The suspect brandished a gun and a struggle ensued.

The gun was fired during the struggle, but police said no one was hit. One person received a powder burn from the impact of the shot and was treated at the scene.

The suspect was taken to University Medical Center and will be booked upon his release. He appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine, police said.

Because of course meth was involved. I was specifically asked by Uproxx management NOT to embed Thunder From Down Under’s YouTube trailer, even though I feel that it is very important to the context of the story — so if you want to see what this unwitting meth head tangled with, you’ll have to click here. NSFW-ish because of butts. You make the call.

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