Happy International Women’s Day! This Female Comedian Just Got Bumped For Being A Woman

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03.08.14 22 Comments


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British comedian Jenny Collier got the most special of International Women’s day surprises when she received this email telling her that she was being bumped from a gig due to the debilitating condition of having a vagina. Collier tweeted a screenshot of the email she received yesterday:


Progress, y’all! I guess the venue filled their affirmative action quota of the maximum amount of female performers allowed on one bill. The way I would like to see this story end would be for Collier to dress up like a man in some sort of spectacular Just One of the Guys / She’s the Man fashion — reenter the comedy show, perform amazingly, enjoy heaping praise and attention, and then just at the climatic moment rip off her wig and fake mustache and show them all — leaving everyone to say “But… But… But… YOU’RE A WOMAN????”

That would be pretty much the best thing that could happen. But seriously, f*ck sexism. I hope that comedy club gets a norovirus outbreak the night of the show.

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