HBO Won’t Let Kit Harington Cut His Beautiful Jon Snow Mane As Long As He’s Still On ‘Game Of Thrones’

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06.11.14 21 Comments


Kit Harington appeared on Live! With Kelly and Michael yesterday to promote both the Game of Thrones finale and How to Train Your Dragon 2. The topic of conversation quickly turned to Jon Snow’s hair what with Kelly Ripa being a normal red-blooded woman and all, and as it turns out Kit Harington learned the hard way that when he signed on for Game of Thrones, he signed onto having long hair until either his character meets his fate or the series ends — whichever comes first — because his contract clearly states that he’s not allowed to cut it.

So on behalf of all female Game of Thrones fans, I would just like to say: Thank you, HBO. Some things just should not be tampered with, and Jon Snow’s hair is one of those things.

I feel like I also have to mention, when asked about what to expect from his character in the Game of Thrones finale, Kit Harington had the most amazingly perfect British response:

Well he’s in a bit of a spot of bother, really, isn’t he?

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

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