'Everything Wrong With 2012' Explains Why '2012' Sucked In The Most Painstaking Detail

News & Culture Writer
03.25.14 6 Comments

The Everything Wrong With series finally tackled the long-awaited 2012, one of the worst movies of all time and also the most Nicolas Cage movie that starred John Cusack. Unlike most of these videos which attempt to point out all of the things wrong in a movie in, say, eight minutes or less — Everything Wrong With 2012 was such a prolific undertaking that it actually clocks in at just over twenty minutes. That’s how bad this movie is, that it actually takes twenty entire minutes just to explain what’s wrong with it, racking up a whopping 213 sins.

Seems like a less daunting task would be to try to come up with everything wrong with war or racism or obnoxious people in front of you in line at the grocery store. It would save you the half of bottle of bourbon it takes to get through a screening of 2012, anyway.

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