Here’s How Your Jennifer Lawrence Rape Joke Scandals Are Made

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05.20.14 32 Comments

We already discussed Jennifer Lawrence’s cure-all for hiccups, but in that same Vulture article, there was an anecdote that I’m surprised wasn’t think-pieced about more.

Those were cries of joy; she’d just spotted Alfonso Cuarón in the crowd. “I broke out my rape scream for you!” she cried and grabbed his shoulders and screamed “Ahhhhh!!!” shaking her head like a crazed fan, or a woman in distress, into his face. Cuarón seemed quite pleased with his greeting. (Via)

I didn’t even pick up on the “rape scream” comment until the Hollywood Gossip wrote some hot tripe called, “Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Rape Scream’ Comment Angers Fans.”

Jennifer, of course, didn’t intend for the comment to go public, but she’s been in Hollywood long enough at this point that she should know nothing she says (especially at an industry event) is ever really private. Fans have already expressed their displeasure at the joke on Twitter, but Lawrence has yet to respond or apologize. (Via)

If Jezebel doesn’t blog about it, is it really a scandal? No, because even Twitter doesn’t care. I was curious about the accuracy of the Gossip’s “fans have already expressed their displeasure…on Twitter” claim, so I searched for “jennifer lawrence,” “jennifer lawrence rape,” and “jlaw rape joke.” The only tweets I found linked back to the Gossip article. Which got picked up by ONTD. Other websites will soon do the same, with headlines screaming, “JENNIFER LAWRENCE ENDORSES RAPE.”

And that, my friends, is how a fake scandal is born. Now let’s all set fire to the Internet.

jlaw laugh

Except the Jennifer Lawrence GIFs.

Via the Hollywood Gossip

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