Here’s Hugh Jackman Rapping With LL Cool J And T.I. During Last Night’s Tony Awards

There was A LOT going on last night, so I didn’t catch much of The Tony Awards, which I prefer, because then I can take in the highlights out of context the next morning, and I fully believe that is the form they were intended to be consumed. Dustin has already touched on Hugh Jackman hop-y opening to the show, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t get to the above clip of Wolverine’s alter ego spitting hot about “The Music Man” with LL Cool J and T.I. for reasons I can’t place but would never dare question.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to sleep at night without knowing more, here’s Jackman doing a variation of the same thing years ago on The Tonight Show. I can only assume this is his go-to theater geek party trick that someone convinced him he should do while hosting the awards show for theater geeks. Makes sense, except for the party where this leads to Hugh Jackman on stage rapping about “The Music Man” with LL Cool J and T.I.

via Buzzfeed

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