This Heroin Smuggler Comes Up With One Of The Most Absurd Alibis Ever

02.13.14 4 years ago


I can’t tell you how freaked out I get when the police are on my tail. I know that I’m going the speed limit, sober, and all of my lights are working, but it’s still unnerving regardless. That being said, I’m innocent. This guy on the other hand was super guilty, and also terrible at talking to the police. Via 12 News Now:

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies found a large amount of heroin during a Monday-night traffic stop after a nervous driver said he was coming back from a children’s hospital to visit an elderly friend.

Unless he was visiting Benjamin Button, this is the worst excuse I’ve read in a while. If you’re a heroin smuggler with 3 kilos, you should at least plan for getting pulled over. This guy seems like that kid that wings a book report in class based on the book cover.

The deputy said the driver appeared extremely nervous during the stop. The said he was returning to Clifton, VA from visiting an 86-year-old friend that was hospitalized in Houston. When the deputy asked which hospital, the driver responded “Texas Children’s.”

I can imagine the officer just nodding his head after the man utter that. He then started back to his car when the information processed fully and he thought, “Wait, what?” All this guy had to do is say any other possible hospital where his friend was at besides a children’s hospital. He probably would have been let go with a warning, or a ticket. But, thankfully, no, he’s a buffoon.


(Via 12 News Now, Image via Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

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