These High School Seniors Pranked Their Principal By Having A Mariachi Band Follow Him Around

Senior Writer
06.05.14 9 Comments

Forget mandatory vagina inspections or outright idiotic vandalism. One of the best high school senior pranks of 2014 is now in the books, as the graduating seniors of Santa Barbara High School have gone above and beyond what we expect from today’s kids. Principal John Becchio arrived at work on Monday to discover a special present in his office – a mariachi band, hired by students to play for him. Except this wasn’t just a one-off office concert. Instead, the mariachi band was paid to follow Becchio all around the school for “a senior prank that delighted students and staff,” according to a YouTube post.

It’s not the most original idea, though, as the mariachi band has been done before, including this year. In April, seniors at the Zurich International School’s Upper School also greeted their principal, John Switzer, with a mariachi band. He had a pretty great sense of humor about it, too.

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