If Anyone Was Wondering What Andy Milonakis Is Up To, He’s Now Giving Cooking Lessons On YouTube

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07.03.14 21 Comments


Vice apparently has this new thing called MUNCHIES, which they say is a “website and digital video channel dedicated to food and its global purpose.” Fine, why not. The reason why this is important, however, is because Andy Milonakis has a cooking show on their YouTube channel in which he teaches us “How to Make Cretan Spinach Pie.” Andy Milonakis is of Greek descent, if you weren’t aware, so his spinach pie is the real deal. Instead of the usual Greek spanakopita that’s made in tray pans with phyllo dough, Crete spinach pie is made with a hard dough and then pan fried individually in olive oil, because as Milonakis says: “I eat like a real f*cking fat prince.”

I have to admit, I never watched the Andy Milonakis Show while it was on the air (feel free to tell me what a horrible/awesome decision this was) but I strangely enjoyed this. As someone on Reddit accurately pointed out, Milonakis has kind of turned into “a young Danny DeVito.” Pretty much nailed it.

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