Important July 3rd News: Hilary Duff’s Ex-Husband Got Totally Dissed By Jonah Hill

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Stars! They’re just like us! They’re carbon-based lifeforms who eat food and go to the bathroom and have sexual intercourse (only better) and get shut down by Jonah Hill when they call his name as he’s exiting a restaurant. Hilary Duff and her Canadian hockey player ex-husband Mike Comrie, who she weirdly still hangs out with all the time, were in Beverly Hills earlier this week when they encountered Jonah Hill and Comrie thought it would be cool to say hi to him. Nooooope. UPI reports:

Photographers told Us Weekly that Duff and Comrie were strolling through Beverly Hills over the weekend when they spotted the 22 Jump Street actor leaving a restaurant.

According to the publication, the Canadian hockey player noticed Hill and tried to get his attention by calling his name. However, the Oscar-nominated actor failed to look back.

Well that’s embarrassing. Let this be a lesson to men everywhere: Just because you were married to Hilary Duff or dated Hilary Duff or plan to date or be married to Hilary Duff in the future, it does not give you the entitlement to say hi to Jonah Hill. He will not say hi back to you.

I’m looking at you, Aaron Carter.

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