Velveeta’s Facebook & Twitter Accounts Have Gone Insane

OK, I have NO idea what’s going on with Velveeta’s social media. Since just before Mother’s Day up and as recently as a few days ago, Velveeta has been posting what appears to be stock photos of this unnamed silver fox on their Facebook and Twitter accounts with Velveeta Photoshops and snarky captions, usually with links to recipes. And because it’s Velveeta and not, say, Taco Bell, the internet is finally just figuring out about it. For example:

 I wanted to make #MothersDay special, so I’m wrapping a towel around the bread before I slice it into Grilled Cheeses.

 Hey everyone! I’m married and I’m bringing to you a pro-marriage tip. My wife and I like our cheese the way we like our 300-thread-count bedsheets: warm, velvety smooth and in our bed with us.

Click here for more relationship tips:

 It’s #MothersDay and I love you so much that I’m using separate bowls for this special Cheese Sauce Chocolate Dip. Sure, it’s another dish to clean, but I guess you did technically raise my kids.

I wanted to take you someplace special for #MothersDay, and I know you’ve always wanted to go to Mexico, so I made quesadillas and I promise to start looking for tickets earlier next year.

It gets even weirder, as Velveeta has been responding to comments as “the guy” using additional stock images:

And then to make things truly bizarre, the wife of silver fox dude (as well as woman in the bed photo) has also been commenting on the photos, with photographic evidence that it’s really them:

According to her Facebook page, Northup is a photographer — so are they in cahoots with Velveeta? Or did they sell their photos to an agency which Velveeta just happened to find? Is this the dumbest or most brilliant social media stunt ever? (I think we already know the answer to that.)

So many unanswered questions. Please don’t ever leave us, Velveeta stock photo silver fox guy.

(Via Drew Magary)

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