This Insane Footage Of A 61 Car Pileup On Minnesota's Highway 55 Will Make You Crap Your Pants

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03.25.14 8 Comments

A chain-reaction crash on Minnesota’s Highway 55 near the Mendota Bridge Monday afternoon caused by slick snowy conditions resulted in a sixty-one car pileup, and one of the drivers involved managed to get footage of the unfolding pandemonium. According to the Twin Cities Local News, two vehicles lost control and crashed just before 1pm, which caused a semi-truck to jackknife — and then fifty-eight more cars somehow piled up behind. Seriously, I think we all can agree when I say: SCREW THIS WINTER.

Amazingly, only one person was hospitalized during the whole ordeal. The camera work isn’t spectacular due to the fact that the world literally seemed to be coming to an end around the guy filming, so those of you with motion sickness have been forewarned. Even when the camera is pointed at the ground you can just hear smash after smash after smash in the background. I can only imagine how completely terrifying it must be to be directly involved in something in like this. I’d give myself a cool 45 minutes before I lost my sh*t and resorted to cannibalism.

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