James Franco Maybe, Kind Of Tried To Hook Up With A Teenage Girl On Instagram

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04.03.14 51 Comments

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Large-mouthed mannequin James Franco doesn’t think he belongs on Lindsay Lohan’s sex list, but he’s apparently not above flirting and asking to meet up with a 17 year-old girl he first saw while she was waiting to get his autograph. Franco’s in the Broadway production of Of Mice & Men, and after an April 1st show, he met Lucy.

Lucy, a teen from Scotland visiting NYC with her mother, took pics of James leaving the show as well as a video…and you can hear him saying that she has to post and tag him in it. (Via)

She did, and they began to converse on Instagram:

lucy franco chat

Lucy and James seemed like a couple that was going to make it — the only place more romantic than the Times Square Hilton is the Times Square Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. — but it wasn’t to be.

franco textfranco text 2

Once their interaction went viral, Franco commented about it on his Instagram:

franco instagram

Maybe Lucy could flirt with Dave Franco and break he and Alison Brie up and maybe convince Alison Brie to marry me? No pressure. Anyway, Franco didn’t do anything wrong here; she’s of the age of the consent in New York (she’s also very cute). He just handled it in the most James Franco way possible. What’s the percentage of Franco’s conversations that end with him sending a selfie? Has to be at least 82%.

Via Hollywood Life and lucy_cloude

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