Watch Jennifer Lawrence And The Rest Of This Year’s Oscar Nominees In Their Earliest Roles

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02.26.14 13 Comments

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The Academy Awards are fast approaching, and I can think of no better way to prepare than by watching the video above, which features over 100 clips from the early film, TV, and commercial roles of this year’s twenty Oscar-nominated actors.

It serves as a great reminder that even the most successful people in the world once worked jobs they’re probably not proud of, like the time Cate Blanchett’s raw talent was harnessed to promote Tim Tam. It might also soften your stance on lame basic cable sitcoms, as we have The Bill Engvall Show to thank for helping launch the career of Jennifer Lawrence.

I also highly recommend watching last year’s version of this video, if only to see Christoph Waltz with a pipe dangling from his mouth in Gravy Train.


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