Jimmy Fallon Reads Some Of His Favorite #WorstSummerJobs Tweets

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06.06.14 5 Comments

Jimmy Fallon had viewers submit their worst summer jobs with the hashtag #WorstSummerJobs on Twitter, because the misery of others is always entertaining. I already told you about one of my worst summer jobs, but there were some doozies even beyond that. I waitressed at one restaurant with an abusive manager who threw a bread basket at my head and at another where some #YesAllWomen sh*t happened at the hands of the owner named “Lenny.” I worked at a busy gas station one summer that paid just slightly upwards of minimum wage and if customers stole gas it came out of my paycheck — plus, bonus, a customer once threw a soft pretzel at me because she claimed it was stale. Basically, I had a lot of stuff thrown at me.

But that’s the beauty of worst summer jobs, we’ve all had them and we can all relate to them. This car? Good car!

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