‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Plays A Sneaky New Game: Don’t Talk Into This Mic And Win $10

News & Culture Writer
06.04.14 5 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel Live is notorious for trolling people on the street over everything from asking health nuts if they know what gluten is to asking people if they think Godzilla is a true story. Most of these games rely on the bullsh*t gene that people possess that goads them into speaking authoritatively about crap they know nothing about — which makes this new game, “Don’t Talk Into The Mic and Win $10,” a bit unfair. If you put a microphone into someone’s face and ask them something in the form of a question, 99% of people are going to respond in some way or another.

So taking that into consideration, does that make this any less funny, at all whatsoever? NOPE!

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