Joel McHale Has Tweeted The Aftermath Of The Alison Brie G.I. Joe Cake And Left The Best Pieces For Last

04.05.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

Remember that cake of Alison Brie as “Tight Ship” to celebrate Community‘s much-anticipated and unbelievably hilarious G.I. Joe episode? Well, it looks like everyone tried a piece of the cake, but they couldn’t bring themselves to eat a few pieces of “G.I. Brie.” I guess it’s out of respect for Ms. Brie’s anatomy? Whatever, prudes. We respect her anatomy just as much over here and we’re not holding back on cake.

Anyway, here’s the before image:

erin-tweet Alison Brie BkSO83BCYAAbSRn.jpg_large

And here’s the aftermath. The sweet, dastardly aftermath:
joel-tweet Alison Brie


Let’s just say there are many arguments to be had about not eating Annie’s boobs. A lot could go all the way up to the Supreme Court if it got serious enough. One thing is for sure, the person who is brave enough to finish that cake would be the true real American hero.

(Via Joel McHale’s Twitter)

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